House of Amal Guestroom Artists – Shymaa Alatrash

House of Amal

Guestroom Artist 

October, 2020

Shymaa Alatrash

Born in  Palestine, Bethlaham Shymaa moved to Canada when she was four years old. Coming from and existing in two different worlds, Shymma has had to grapple with identity and what it means to her. “Living in a western place, I’ve struggled with my personal identity and as a Canadian and Palestinian. As I got older, I learned to take the good things in both. ” 

Shymaa started her writing journey trough journaling which evolved into poetry. Her writing is honest and speaks to the human experience. She explores her personal struggles with identity, faith and emotions. House of Amal is proud to promote Shymaa’s poetry and hopes you enjoy her piece below.

There are some days

where I can’t wake up.

I snooze snooze snooze the alarm until

my phone too- gives up one me.

my phone stops trying to wake up a dead soul.

There are other days

where I am wide awake

my eyes refuse to close

my mind refuses to quiet down

in those days-

I wonder why my body is so scared of

falling asleep.

Maybe it stays awake to find some purpose

in a purposeless life.

There are some days

where I eat so much until my stomach bursts

until my body begs me to stop feeding it

with things that will kill it even more.

But there are other days

where I eat nothing at all

my body slowly begs my organs to


I don’t want to

I don’t want to

but how do you walk

when there is no direction?

How do you know where to go

if there is no path?

I begged 

             my phone

             my body

             my mind

anyone anyone

to give me a reason to stay.

But when I ask

when I beg

they reply with silence.


             The sound of a tomb-

There are some days

where I think so much

my mind blurs

             my head feels dizzy. I-

delete this message.

delete this message.

delete this message.

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