House of Amal Guestroom Artists – Shakeel

Shakeel continues to push himself to explore and grow. He is working on a degree in nursing, hosting a podcast and eventually would like to publish a book. House of Amal is proud to publish Shakeel’s work on our guestroom.

House of Amal

Guestroom Artist 

September, 2020


When he was four years old, Shakeel came from Bangladesh to the United States. “I’m more American than I am south Asian. I was raised here, lived in new york all my life.” Throughout his youth, Shakeel felt compelled to express and share his experiences. This led him to spoken word, where he learned to be authentic to his voice. “ I tried implementing my personal touch to every single poem that I wrote or performed.” Now at age 20, Shakeel found himself experiencing an intense quarantine alongside his fellow Americans. To make sense of this strange time, Shakeel turned back to poetry. Not knowing what to expect, Shakeel was swept away by the process. “The first few stanzas opened the floodgates. That poem took at least a week,I was in the zone. I wasn’t writing at all.”

Remnants of past dreams and delusions command me to hurry along this narrow ridge, hugging a mountain of fantasies and failures lightheaded from the altitude, suffocating on toxic fumes, I glance down to find a bottomless sea of fire spitting out balls of scarlet agony springing past me, a cool wind following each in its trail and leaving a singed mountaintop in its wake 

I can hear him his screams piercing through the blockade of smog placed in defiance to this structure’s architect, echoing across the rocky passage, deserted unbeknownst to him, he cries out to me- pleas to hold on 

A prayer escapes me, “Let there be rain, to drown out the cries of the embers that never grew to see the day they’d encompass a meaningful plot” —virtuous vertigo

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