House of Amal Guestroom Artists – Layanne

House of Amal

Guestroom Artist 

August, 2020


Layan is a Palestinian American poet with an incredible talent for imagery. Her work brings you into the scene as you experience all feelings, emotions and sensations as she describes them. Layan’s approach forces her readers to empathize with her message and challenges you to rethink how you consider your fellow human. 

The Forehead

My head feels weak and heavy,

My skull has been battered from within.

My ears are constantly ringing,

Reviving words I long to forget.

My eyes are swimming in a never-ending ocean,

A flood of salted tears.

My brain and heart feel contradicted

By each other and the reality they live.

Electricity courses through my body,

Its flow disrupted and reckless. 

Thoughts appear from the darkness:

Memories I’ve tried to hide,

Whispers I’ve tried to ignore.

Electricity pours forth from the nerves of my brain,

And streams through my spinal cord;

It charges the muscles in my hands,

Activating each and every finger.

They cling to the feelings I tried to let go

And urge them back inside me.

Electricity pools in my weary eyes,

Forcing me to watch every thought and memory 

Creep its way back to life;

Pain, fear, and anguish are reminded

Of the realm over which they once reigned,

the mind they once owned.

Electricity wraps itself around my heart,

Expelling the blood from its hollows.

The current drives cracks into the delicate tissue,

Threatening to break my heart from within.

My body is charged and out of control,

Every organ, tissue, and cell,

Is flooded with a charge of electricity

It cannot maintain or expel.

And yet, as my forehead kisses the earth,

And the tip of my nose feels the soft carpet,

The electricity flows out from inside me,

A negative current,

Drawn away by one so positive.

At that moment my brain stills;

My eyes soften, almost closed;

My heart feels at ease, and I let go.

At that moment.

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